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Short off-beat Comedy drama made in St Helen's currently about to begin it's festival run. It was funded by  'Heart of Glass', a St Helens based arts charity. The film stars children from and living in the St Helen's community. It was made as a collaboration between myself and talented artist Michelle Wren, who was the film's costume and production designer. 

The story follows the journey of 10 year old MAGGIE as she attends the 10th Birthday Party of the popular girl from school, PATSY. Unbeknown to her, Maggie isn’t all that welcome, and to make matters worse Maggie is about to make the biggest faux pas of her young life, one which will ultimately shape her as a person for years to come


Writer/Director - Jack King 

Co-written by - Michelle Wren 

Produced by - Jack King & Michelle Wren 

Production designer - Michelle Wren 

DOP - Finnian Varney 


Please visit this page soon for updates on a trailer, festivals and social media links. 



Not yet submitted. Watch this space!

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